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Sexual Harassment on the Poolside + Top 5 Pickup Lines I've Heard on Poolside!

Spending every waking moment at a swimming pool, has it's perks, however, for us women, it's not uncommon to attract some attention from "admirers", and sometimes, they can be quite creative with their pickup lines, and instances of sexual harassment. From the cheesy to the clever, here are 5 amusing pickup lines I've encountered as a female swim coach.

1. "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I swim by again?"

I had to admire the guy's creativity in adapting the classic "love at first sight" phrase to the pool setting. It brought a smile to my face and he did swim by again but I couldn't help myself and I corrected his stroke instead.

2. "Are you a sunscreen? Because you're burning me up."

Kudos to the guy who cleverly incorporated poolside essentials into a pickup line. Well done mate for caring for my skin!

3. "HELP! Can you save me....I keep drowning in your eyes."

Okay, this line is 100% cliché, but he screamed this whilst pretending to actually drown in the pool, sooo 10/10 for perseverance haha.

4. "You must be a pool noodle because you're making this place even more fun."

This one was lighthearted and silly, and he even brought his own noodle. 7/10 for the commitment to the joke!

5. "Are you a fish? Because I'm hooked!"

This pickup line definitely caught me off guard... The poor lad was probably trying to flatter my swimming skills, but I couldn't help feel disgusted at the idea of being a fish and I hate fish soooo 0/10.

But not all comments/actions that were addressed to me were lighthearted and 'fun', some were just too nasty to even repeat. Hence, we need to address the unspoken issue of sexual harassment on the poolside.

Sexual harassment on the poolside can take various forms, including inappropriate comments, unwelcome advances, lewd gestures, or even non-consensual physical contact. As a female coach, these experiences can be deeply distressing, causing emotional harm and impacting professional confidence. It creates feelings of vulnerability, anxiety, and fear, making it difficult to concentrate on coaching responsibilities and affecting the overall coaching experience for both the coach and the athletes.

Creating a safe and respectful environment is the collective responsibility of coaches, athletes, parents, and sports organisations. This involves implementing clear codes of conduct, policies, and procedures to prevent and address harassment promptly.

Encouraging open communication is vital in addressing sexual harassment issues. Coaches and athletes should feel comfortable reporting any incidents without fear of retaliation, ensuring a timely and thorough investigation by the appropriate authorities. Perpetrators of harassment should be held accountable for their actions, regardless of their status within the organisation. Transparency and fair investigations are essential to rebuilding trust and maintaining integrity.

By acknowledging the issue, fostering open communication, empowering female coaches, and implementing stringent policies, we can work towards eradicating harassment and promoting a culture of respect in the world of swimming and sports as a whole. Only by working together can we build a poolside environment that prioritises the well-being and professional growth of all individuals involved in the sport.

Let us know what was the worst pick up line you've heard or said...

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