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About Us

Għum u Għin is not just your typical swimming club. We are a community-driven organization that combines our passion for swimming with a strong commitment to social welfare. Our unique mission is to utilise the profits generated from our swimming club activities to provide free swimming lessons to individuals in need.


Aqdef Kontra d-Differenzi 

Our Mission

is a purpose-led programme with the sole mission of tackling the socioeconomic barriers to swimming faced by many persons and families in Malta. The overarching aim is to make swimming more equitable for all, by engaging in tangible action at a community level, as well as spark a wider dialogue about the cultural, financial and systemic barriers that keep many persons at the water’s edge.

Our Vision

We aim to tackle inequality and break down the barriers to physical activity, in particular swimming. We strive for everyone from individual to organisation has maximum chances to participate. We have to recognise that at the moment chances are not equal: some persons remain in a marginal position and their true potential is often unseen. We aim to provide and stimulate chances and opportunities to empower that potential, from enabling people to participate until facilitating co-creation and better representation in boards and larger institutional sport structures.

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