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Welcome to Għum u Għin m’Emma 

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What We Do

Swimming Lessons

We aim to tackle inequality and break down the barriers to physical activity, in particular swimming. We strive for everyone from individual to organisation has maximum chances to participate. We have to recognise that at the moment chances are not equal: some persons remain in a marginal position and their true potential is often unseen. We aim to provide and stimulate chances and opportunities to empower that potential, from enabling people to participate until facilitating co-creation and better representation in boards and larger institutional sport structures.

Swim Community

We are more than just a swim club. We are a community of individuals and families who are passionate about swimming and are committed to breaking down socioeconomic barriers to swimming. Join our community today and experience the joy of swimming in a safe and supportive environment. The overarching aim is to make swimming more equitable for all, by engaging in tangible action at a community level, as well as spark a wider dialogue about the cultural, financial and systemic barriers that keep many persons at the water’s edge.

Swimming Events

We organize swimming events that promote community building and help raise awareness about the importance of swimming for a healthy and active lifestyle. Our events are open to all, regardless of age or skill level, and are designed to be fun and engaging.

How We Achieve Our Mission

We are committed to making swimming lessons accessible to everyone, including individuals in need. As part of our social responsibility and dedication to community service, we have implemented a program where we provide a free swimming lesson for every paid lesson through partnerships with social work service providers.

Our program works by:

  • Collaborating with Social Work Service Providers

  • Identifying Individuals in Need

  • Allocating Free Swimming Lessons

  • Coordinating and Scheduling

  • Tailoring Support and Progress Tracking

  • Ongoing Evaluation and Feedback

By partnering with social work service providers and offering a free swimming lesson for every paid lesson, we aim to remove financial barriers and provide equal opportunities for individuals in need to learn how to swim. This initiative aligns with our belief in the importance of inclusivity, community support, and the power of swimming as a life skill and source of empowerment.

We are proud to be able to make a positive difference in our community through this program and appreciate the support of our participants, paid lesson enrolees, and social work service providers in making it a success.

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